Eco Estrela Six Senses Formosa Bay


Our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles led us to create The Eco Estrela project, an emerging travel destination that is rich in natural capital. Baia Formosa’s coastal area requires sensitive development to create economic opportunities whilst preserving the environment for generations to come. Impact managed. Monitoring of waste diverted from landfill, food miles saved from local farms, the quantity of compost given back to the soil, plastic water bottles saved, and a number of meaningful jobs created locally. Culture – Connection with an internationally respected Annual Film Festival in Baia Formosa (FINC) since 2010. Education Community – “Clean up the World” educating local children about the environment. Architecture inspired by and integrated into, local culture and nature.

The first phase of the project is the Six Senses Formosa Bay Resort located in an isolated area where the distance between guests will be easily maintained. Fostering biodiversity Protection of 200 turtle nests in collaboration with local NGO; research partnerships. Respect for nature. Contribution to the preservation of 1 900 hectares of mangroves. Partnership with leading resort actors, including InterContinental Hotel Group (ca. 6 000 hotels worldwide). 154 ha waterfront site to be developed into an exceptional resort and residences – 185 units: 66 guest villas and 119 branded residences.

Accommodations vary and include from one to five bedrooms. Facilities will include different dining options, bars, a swimming pool, an organic farm, Six Senses Spa, and Experience Center to name just a few. Resort support infrastructure, including waste, power, road, etc. All building and environmental licenses are ready. Development timeline: 4 years. Branded Residences sales options to start in 2022. Resort operational from 2023 with Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas which is part of the IHG. (InterContinental Hotels Group). Operating contract signed for 40 years (20+20). In the second phase, an exclusive condominium of 500 lots will be developed with an infrastructure for leisure, sports and adventure.

Sustainability as a key value

The basic concept of the “Eco Estrela” project is full integration with nature, with the harmonious coexistence of the resort’s buildings, sport and leisure facilities with natural features of environmental interest, which will be protected on the site. The concept for the investment is based on developing a range of sustainable tourist activities in harmony with local nature, meeting all the requirements and indices in the relevant environmental laws.

The “Eco Estrela” project is expected to include areas for the resort, branded residences, luxury non-branded residences, a technological center, retail and service facilities, a horse riding center, turtle research and protection center and a sport fishing and diving center, as well as extensive green areas, professional stables and game fields for the Polo Academy.

The combination of natural beauty and order aims to create a sustainable tourist destination focused on high-standard local and international niche markets. The suggested occupation model respects public space by creating elements that will emphasize the landscape’s value and natural road system. Use of solar energy, responsible management of water resources, landscape architecture based on endemic species and transport limited to electric vehicles are the foundations of the “Eco Estrela” concept.

Brasilia Surf and Adventure Sports Park


Brasilia Waves is a sports, leisure and entertainment venue in the heart of Brazil’s capital.

The park is anchored by a world-class wave lagoon for surfing, the first public wave lagoon for surfing in Latin America. It is complemented by a beautiful beach, beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, Brazil’s largest competition-level skate and BMX park, climbing walls, diving tank, zip line, children’s playground and supervised play area, bars, restaurants, event space, live music venue, hostel, and pool-side boutique hotel and spa.

The park has been designed to host global sporting events for all the sporting categories in the park, with built-In event infrastructure and pre-planned event overlays. It will also serve as a training centre for athletes in Olympic sports, including surfing, skating, BMX, climbing and beach volley ball.

Located 5-20 mins from anywhere in the city, the park will serve an immediate market of over 20,000 surfers in Brasilia, over 90,000 aspiring surfers, and a population of over 200,000 people who want a beach and the beach lifestyle in Brasilia. Aside from this, it will serve as unique tourist destination for sports enthusiasts from all of Brazil, given Brasilia’s tropical and dry climate, and being the largest and most connected airport hub in Brazil.

Arena Boulevard

Arena Boulevard  

Arena BSB is a SPE (Specific Purpose Entity) whose objective is to manage and operate Brasilia’s Sports Complex, all its equipment and future endeavors for 35 years. The management is under a concession contract with Terracap (a government real state agency who owns the complex). Arena BSB is owned by RNGD Consulting and Johan Cruijff Arena:

  • RNGD has experience in major events operational management – such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup – and in financial planning – such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games;
  • Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the world’s leading experts in complex sports development and management, serving more than 33 million people annually and managing 18 stadiums in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Headquartered at the Brasilia’s National Stadium, Arena BSB stands out for its service level, bringing its partners’ long-standing management expertise in the operation of large structures and events.

The complex is in the central region of Brasilia with a total area of over 800 thousand square meters. Bordered by the Eixo Monumental, the city’s main avenue, it is close to the city’s central bus and subway station and has a large parking area.

In the Complex’s direct vicinity are the hotel, commercial and banking sectors of the city, as well as the main Federal and Local Government administrative buildings. As for the residential sectors, within a radius of less than 10 kilometers, there are approximately 275,000 inhabitants with the highest average income level in the country.

Currently, the concession area has four main structures:

  • Brasilia’s National Stadium (Arena);
  • Nilson Nelson Gymnasium;
  • Cláudio Coutinho Aquatic Complex.
  • Boulevard (Already licensed for construction)

Each of these structures encompasses a range of specific primary and secondary activities with different usage possibilities. At Present, the project’s landmark is the Brasilia’s National Stadium, either for its magnitude or for its history in the city. Its construction was completed in 2014 in order to host the World Cup, following all international standards (FIFA) for structure and capacity.

  • Capacity: 72,788 people;
  • Available structure:
    • Grassy soccer field;
    • 74 Skyboxes – three audience capacities (for 18, 21 and 30 people);
    • Auditorium with capacity for 250 people;
    • Leasable area for restaurants, bars, and other non-food concessions.

Like many of the modern arenas around the globe, the Brasilia’s National Stadium will act as the heart of the Complex, attracting and enhancing users’ flow and consumers to the surrounding area. This will boost the sales from the Boulevard’s shops and the use of other leisure areas in the surroundings. The complex’s central location further reinforces this aspect.

The Nilson Nelson Gym is a multi-sport gymnasium with a 11.000 seat capacity, opened in the 1970s. Up until now it has not undergone any major refit. The structure must be modernized, following international standards (Multi-Purpose Arena), prepared to receive concerts and events with audiences of up to 15,000 people (about 10,000 seats).

The “Boulevard” is an open mall: its purpose is to integrate several activities in the same place, characterizing it as a Lifestyle Center – work, entertainment, commerce, and leisure. The Boulevard was conceived with the objective of enhancing and diversifying Arena BSB’s operation earnings, as well as becoming a reference for leisure for city inhabitants and tourists. The space will offer inclusive, modern, high-end infrastructure, that will be easily accessible to users.

The Boulevard’s focus is to serve as an attraction hub for a constant daily flow of people to the complex and diversify activities and services offer to different audiences. It is also an opportunity to meet the city’s demand for bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are located outside residential areas (without noise restrictions). Below are some of the structures planned for the mall:

  • Movie theater:
    • The project holds a complex with 14 rooms, with possible expansion to 6 more rooms if there is an increase in demand in the following years;
  • Bars and Nightclubs:
    • away from residential areas;
  • Restaurants:
    • Inspired by the European model of street restaurants, with indoor and outdoor parts;
  • Gyms;
  • Sports Courts;
  • Sports Clinics;
  • Creation of a sports medicine reference center;
  • Offices;
  • Shops.

The total gross leasable area planned for the boulevard is 42.889 m². Its will occur in 2 phases, in order to maximize occupancy and ensure the gradual integration of the complex into the daily life of Brasilia’s citizens. Additionally, the Masterplan foresees a landscaping project that will emphasize the monumental aspect of the complex and making its spaces more inviting for inhabitants and tourists. This Masterplan has the fundamental role of connecting all the planned attractions.

Thus, the main objective of the sector’s requalification project is to become a reference in the city in terms of sport, leisure, entertainment, and culture. The possibilities to explore the activities in the sector are diverse and the location is unique!



BC PORT – BALNEÁRIO CAMBORIÚ, port of multiple entertainment, consists of a Full Port Tourism Facility (IPTur). The complex, similar to an airport, which, in addition to the departure lounges, the area for replenishing ship supplies, is equipped with shops, restaurants and a beachfront hotel, is located on the most valued shore in Santa Catarina.

BC PORT SA, qualified by ANTAQ, in accordance with Resolution No. 3,290 / 14 and by MInfra through Adhesion Contract No. 15/2019, is the company authorized to build and explore the polygonal area of ​​the water depth in Barra Sul da Central Beach of Balneário Camboriú-SC.

Open to the public. BC PORT’s Commercial Landing Area – ACD offers 60 spaces for stores and 21 restaurants, in addition to 14 kiosks. Inspired by the Las Vegas walk street, the Indoor Promenade will receive stores of the best brands today, in an inviting environment for shopping. Scenographically lit, it offers the feeling of an open-air shopping mall.

A pioneer in Brazil, BC PORT is a specific port for passenger ships, with a gastronomic and entertainment center, shops and a hotel with 320 apartments, providing disembarkation just a few steps away from numerous attractions, where the passengers of the ships are independent of transfers by bus.

Minutes after disembarkation, tourists start to enjoy the main attractions of Balneário Camboriú, such as Parque Unipraias, the cable car over the lush Atlantic Forest and its natural beauty, giant zip line, “Youhoo” cart. The experiences after the landing are rich. Walkway leading to the Historic Center with handicrafts and local cuisine, public market and the most valued beach in Santa Catarina, where tourists can disembark with bathing suits directly from the ship to the clear sands of the beautiful shore, in addition to enjoying the tallest buildings in the world. Brazil.

The external landing area of ​​the ACD (Commercial Landing Area). With its seafront restaurants, it is made up of 21 renowned establishments, offering gastronomic experiences with renowned Brazilian and foreign chefs. At night, a “ballet of lights and waters”, a show with choreographed jets of water at the edge of the terminal, complete the unforgettable experience for visitors. All of this in the most touristic state of the federation and in the most touristic city in the state of Santa Catarina, now the starting point and destination of cruises in the South Atlantic, making BC PORT a true home port for shipping companies, and a point of frequentation. for all vacationers and tourists in the region.

The hotel area (AH), incorporates luxury and high standards in all suites, with sun loungers on the balconies, outdoor jacuzzis, private kitchen and 6-star services. The hotel’s lobby, with its double height, located at the main entrance of BC PORT, has an annex pier offering yachts for excursions and luxury nautical transport. At the other end of the pier, guests can enjoy scenic helicopter rides, or even use the helipad for boarding and disembarking.

BC PORT has the capacity to operate the loading and unloading of up to 16,000 passengers daily, both domestic and international. The lounges are air-conditioned, with luggage conveyors, and amenities for the best care and comfort for passengers.

In addition to the passengers expected at the terminal, the shops and restaurants are open to the public and can receive more than 50,000 visitors a day during the high season.

Designed with the most modern techniques of the world nautical industry, BC PORT will be able to receive the largest cruise ships in the world, currently in operation – Oasis Class.

Cabo Branco Tourist Complex


The Cabo Branco Tourist Complex is a Paraiba State Government Project that allocates 35 lots of land to build the largest planned tourist complex in the Brazilian Northeast. The government of Paraíba, which has important policies designed to attract investment, provides incentives that benefit the acquisition of real estate properties, through the Locational Incentive Program and also taxes incentives for the acquisition of equipment necessary for construction.

TLocated in an area 654 hectares, in a privileged region of the capital of Paraíba, within the urban area and close to several tourist attractions, the complex will have resorts, a water park, entertainment attractions, commerce and service equipment. This eco friendly Tourist Complex is located between Paraíba’s southern coast and the Atlantic Rainforest. It is surrounded by the Parque das Trilhas, with more than 575 hectares, the park is the largest national reserve of native Atlantic Rainforest in any urban area in Brazil. Tourist police battalions and also a Parque das Trilhas conservation unit will be introduced to ensure public safety and environmental protection.

TThe nationally-recognized and awarded Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima Convention Center is already installed and operational. The facility has more than 48,000 sqm of built area and the capacity to receive 20,000 people inside of its four main buildings. A standout, the Pedra do Reino Theater, is one of the most modern theaters in Brazil and is capable of receiving up to 3,000 spectators.

TIn October 2020, the Paraíba State Government signed the contracts for the installation of the first three Cabo Branco Tourist Complex enterprises, the Surf World Park, Ocean Palace Eco Beach Resort and Amado Bio & SPA Hotel.

Surf World Park

TDesigned by the well-known Spanish architect José Ignacio Bedia Urbano, this Viavox and Ingeparks’s project will have a resort and several water attractions, such as the largest artificial wave pool in Brazil which is also one of the largest in the world. The pool will be built within 31,000 sqm and 200m diameter. It will generate 24 waves per minute with 5 different levels, up to 2.4m height, total capacity up to 170 surfers simultaneously. The Surf World Park is a luxury standard and five stars enterprise.

Ocean Palace Jampa Eco Beach Resort

TThis is the newest venture of the Potiguar group A. Gaspar and A. G. Hotéis e Turismo.The Ocean Palace Jampa Eco Beach Resort is a luxurious, five-star, all-inclusive, world-class project. The resort will have more than 43,000 sqm of built area and 405 apartments, most of which with ocean view and leisure activities, such as ecological trails and several gastronomic options. The project meets the requirements of the Cabo Branco Tourist Complex for being considered sustainable, integrating nature and using renewable energy in its facilities.

Amado Bio & Spa Hotel

TDesigned by the architects Bruno Ferraz and Augusto Magno, the Amado Bio & Spa Hotel is an investment of a João Pessoa-based company, AXYZ Administradora de Hotéis. Its facility aims to reframe standards and behaviors by integrating elements of the ocean, cliffs, and forest where the Tourist Complex is inserted. The Amado Bio & SPA Hotel will be built in an area of almost 40,000 sqm and its structure will have capacity for 240 units. More than 80 units will be built in the first six months and the remaining over the following year.

It’s our business to develop yours

TThe Cabo Branco Tourist Complex project has a total of 35 lots: 19 for the hotel sector, 5 for the entertainment sector, 10 for commerce and services, and 1 for the events sector.

The government of Paraíba has an important policy for investment attraction, and grants incentives related to the acquisition of real estate properties, through the Locational Incentive Program; as well as tax incentives for the acquisition of some of the equipment necessary for project implementations. Besides this, the Cabo Branco Tourist Complex has specific laws regarding municipal taxes (ISS), with incentives of around 60%.

Through this Tourist Complex, the State Government is working for Paraíba to stand out not only in cultural tourism, sun and beach, business and events, but also as an example in the eco tourism space.

MARAEY, a true Paradise on Earth!

Our misson

Legend has it that the Guarani Indians believed that in the East, where the sun rises from the Atlantic Ocean, they would find “Yvy Mara Ey” – “The Land Without Evil”, a place with endless resources where they could enjoy a state of spiritual and physical wellbeing; complete happiness.

Our mission is to make this legend come true and turn MARAEY into an example to the world of a development with an environmental conscience, striving for innovation and economic, cultural and social sustainability.

Our promise through MARAEY

MARAEY is the shared dream of many of converting a beautiful terrain located in the Municipality of Maricá, within the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro, in a global example of balance between environmental respect, society’s necessary economic development and the perfect inclusion of the environment’s diverse communities; all to turn this unique development into the Main Tourist Destination of Latin America, World Referent of Sustainable Tourism, Unique Model of Integral Hotel and Quality Training, the Most Attractive Real Estate Development of Brazil and Cluster of Innovation and Development of New Technologies.

Our Promise is to work with responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm to make the Mission of turning MARAEY into a true Paradise on Earth a reality.

MARAEY aims to become:

  • One of the top Tourist Destination of Latin América
  • Worldwide example of Sustainable Tourism
  • A unique model of Integrated and Quality Hospitality Training
  • The most stunning Real Estate Development in Brazil
  • Cluster of Innovation and New Technologies Development