Kgalagadi Smart City – A Private Public Partnership

If you are interested in Kgalagadi Smart City or need any further information, please get in touch with ITIC team.
Concept Note

In line with the laudable vision of the Government of the Republic of Botswana to develop a sustainable tourism industry that opens a new window of opportunities to the citizens of its country, ITIC in partnership with the Government to conceive and nurture an investment product that will be showcased to potential investors during the Investment Summit. IFC is invited to partner in the project right from the initial stage of the development of the project. It is proposed to have a PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP format for the development of the project.

The idea is to convert part of the Kgalagadi desert into a LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE SMART CITY which will comprise various investments in infrastructural development such as the setting-up of a road network, airport, railway system, hotel development, golf resort, wilderness and luxury safari lodges, African museum and heritage, theatres and cultural centres, art galleries, residential areas and apartments, schools and universities, business centres, shopping malls, theme parks and tourism attractions, hospitals and wellness centres and other related development and ancillary services. The development will not only be sustainable but also promote the cultural diversity and heritage as well as social inclusion for the shared growth of all the people of Botswana.

This project will be promoted to attract FDI into the country, positioning Botswana as a hub for the Southern African region, creating employment for the locals, inviting foreign businesses to establish in Botswana, encouraging local Botswana project developers to join in the projects either through 100% shareholding or joint-ventures with foreigners. In addition, SMEs will be invited to actively participate at every stage of the development of this initiative to benefit from transfer of expertise with the ultimate objective of value creation and bringing wealth for the people of the Republic of Botswana.

ITIC has already approached major hotel brands like IHG, Marriott, Kempinski and other brands which are keen to participateIt will also work alongside the Government of the Republic of Botswana to invite major international airlines to participate in the Investment Summit in view of positioning Botswana as an aviation hub in the Southern African region and which could at the same time boost air connectivity within the continent. For example: ITIC has started facilitating the conversation with Emirates Airlines and flydubai for mutual benefits.

Approximate project cost and investment required: USD 3 billion

Botswana Tourism Organisation Projects

If you are interested in any of the projects listed or need any further information, please get in touch with ITIC team.

Company Project  Brief Funding required
Khuis Community Economic Development Trust  Khuis tourism park The Khuis Community Economic Development Trust is a community-based organization registered in 2006 and aimed at coming up with viable projects in eco-tourism, agri-businesses, livestock production and sustainable utilization of natural resources in their area (paving slates, gravel, concrete, clay soil) for the upliftment of the community livelihoods. This Feasibility Study has been developed to be submitted to the Kgalagadi Landboard as part of a Land Application process by the Khuis Community Economic Development Trust for a 406.2ha piece of land along the Molopo River on which the Trust wishes to develop a Tourism Park.   USD 1.5M
Bathoen Trust  Mmakgodumo Dam and Pharing Gorge  The Mmakgodumo Dam and Pharing Gorge is a project intended to support the Bathoen Trust in the development of viable commercial tourism operations at the Bathoen Bird Sanctuary and Pharing Gorge sites in Kanye. The products are expected to be sustainable, demonstrating a mix of compatible tourism operations, a framework of business and project operation plans as well as an informed guidance on suitable land rentals and sublease possibilities. The overall goal is to utilise the natural environment and heritage significance of Pharing Gorge and the Mmakgodumo Dam to create impactful and sustainable job opportunities for the local community. USD  2M
Muchenje Lodge and Campsite Muchenje Lodge and Campsite The plot is held by a citizen through a commercial lease which expires in 2057 (35 years remaining on lease). Landowner interested in developing the site through a Joint Venture Partnership.The site also has potential for the development of a cultural tourism in partnership with the neighboring Muchenje Village community.   Muchenje in the Chobe Region of northern Botswana five kilometers from the Ngoma western entrance gate of the Chobe National Park riverfront. The Chobe River supports a large concentration of wildlife and is most famous for its large herds of elephants and cape Buffalo, which during the dry winter months converge upon the river to drink. The Chobe National Park is a world-renowned safari destination which receives approximately 400,000Tourists a year from Europe, UK, USA and South Africa. Other tourist attractions in the region include the Victoria Falls. USD 3M
Kavimba Lodge and Campsite Kavimba Lodge and Campsite Privately owned land on a 50-year commercial lease. Landowner interested in developing the site through a Joint Venture Partnership. The site also has potential for the development of a cultural tourism in partnership with the neighboring Kavimba Village community Privately owned land on a 50-year commercial lease. Landowner interested in developing the site through a Joint Venture Partnership. The site also has potential for the development of a cultural tourism in partnership with the neighboring Kavimba Village communityKavimba. The Plot is on the outskirts of Kavimba Village in Chobe District between the Ngoma and Ghoha Gates of the Chobe National Park. The site provides accessibility to the Chobe Riverfront and the Savuti area of the park with access to large resident populations of wildlife which include Elephants, Lions, Buffalo and Leopards. The Chobe National Park is a world-renowned safari destination which receives 400,000 Tourists a year from UK, Europe, USA and South Afric. Other tourist attractions in the region include the Victoria Falls. USD 3M
Royal Okavango Golf Royal Okavango Golf The plot has been allocated to a citizen individual through a commercial lease which expires in 2055 (33 years remaining). Landowner interested in developing the site through a Joint Venture Partnership. The site has been designated for the development of a Golf Course and potential existis to include a resort along the Thamalakane River. The plot is located in Matsaudi along the Thamalakane River 25Km from Maun along the road to the Moremi Game Reserve. Maun is often referred to as the Gateway to the Okavango Delta receiving tourists heading towards the world heritage site. The Moremi Game Reserve is located in the middle of the Okavango Delta and the protected areas has been named Africas Best Protected Area. USD 11M
Makgadikgadi Sua Pan Lodge and Campsite  Makgadikgadi Sua Pan Lodge and Campsite  Land allocated to a citizen individual on a commercial lease which expires in 2059 (37 years remaining). Landowner interested in developing the site through a Joint Venture Partnership. The site has been allocated for the development of a Lodge on the edge of Sua Pan. On the Southern edge of Sua Pan within The Makgadikgadi Pans one of the largest salt pans in the world covering an area of 12,000 km2. During the wet season the area attracts large herds of zebra and wildebeest as well as tens of thousands of flamingos.     USD 3M
Gaborone Tourism Precinct Gaborone Tourism Precinct The plot is owned by Botswana Government and will be leased to identified investors. The Tourism Precinct plot is located in Block 7 in the center of Gaborone. The area is earmarked for the development of a “tourism precinct” with iconic structures that will create an identifiable image for the city. Proposed developments include: • Hotel five (5) star with 300 beds. • Hotel three (3) star with 300 beds. • Conference facility (3000 people). • Office Space •  Convenience shopping facilities and bistros vRecreational Park The recent relocation of DeBeers International Diamond aggregation business from London to new Headquarters in Gaborone has resulted in the city becoming a regular destination for regular diamond traders. USD 30M
Tsodilo Hills Tsodilo Hills Lodge The plot is owned by Botswana Government and will be leased to identified investors. The Tsodilo Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site with unique religious and spiritual significance to local peoples. It is estimated that there are over 4500 rock paintings at the site. The site consists of three main hills known as the Child Hill, Female Hill, and Male Hill. Current developments are an entrance gate and campsite. Opportunity exists for the development of: •   One Upmarket Lodge (12 rooms, 24 beds), •  One midmarket Lodge (15 rooms, 30 beds) and one campsite USD 5M
GCWIHABA Lodge GCWIHABA Lodge The plot is owned by Botswana Government and will be leased to identified investors.The Gcwihaba Caves are one of the most remote tourist attractions in Botswana located in the extreme north- west of the country. The caves are a fascinating underground labyrinth of caverns and pits, linked passages, and unusual stalagmite and stalactite formations. From frozen waterfalls and flowstones to mammoth obelisks of naturally formed rock, from sweeping hallways and chambers, some up to ten (10) meters in height, to beautiful inlets and apertures. Current developments are an entrance gate and campsite. Opportunity exists for the development of: • One Upmarket Lodge (12 rooms, 24 beds), • One Luxury Camp (12 rooms, 24 beds) USD 5M
Gaborone Dam Hotel Gaborone Dam Hotel The site has been Sub- Leased to a citizen owned company by BTO for 15 years renewable for a further 15 years. Opportunity exists to form a joint venture partnership with the allocated company. The site is 10ha plot located on the edge of Gaborone Dam in the north- western corner of the dam property. Opportunity existing to form a partnership with a citizen company which has been allocated the site. Permitted developments are as follows; •  Hotel and chalets at a maximum of 140 beds. •  Conference facility Activities recommended for this site are; •  Walking trails, •  Bird Watching, USD 8.5M
Gaborone Dam luxury eco-friendly units Gaborone Dam luxury eco-friendly units The site has been Sub- Leased to a citizen owned company by BTO for 15 years renewable for a further 15 years. Opportunity exists to form a joint venture partnership with the allocated company. The site is 3.3ha plot located on the edge of Gaborone Dam in the south- eastern corner of the dam property. Opportunity existing to form a partnership with a citizen company which has been allocated the site. Permitted developments are as follows; •  Six to eight (8) luxury eco-friendly units with a maximum capacity of sixteen (16) beds •  Reception/lounge and kitchen facilities; •  Jetty and game viewing boat; Activities recommended for this site are; •  Game drives, •  Walking trails, •  Canoeing, •  Motorized Boats and •  Mountain Biking. USD 1.5M
Gaborone Dam Self-catering Resort Gaborone Dam Self-catering Resort The site has been Sub- Leased to a citizen owned company by BTO for 15 years renewable for a further 15 years. Opportunity exists to form a joint venture partnership with the allocated company. The site is 2.2ha plot located on the edge of Gaborone Dam in the eastern side of the dam property. Opportunity existing to form a partnership with a citizen company which has been allocated the site. Permitted developments are as follows; • Main Resort with 15 high end family units with maximum of 30 beds. • Ancillary services such as relaxation massage • Facility for hire of mountain bikes, canoes and electric motorized boats • Slipways for boat launching Activities recommended for this site are; • Canoeing • Electric Motorized Boats, • Mountain Bikes, • Game Drives, •  Walking USD 1.5M
Shashe Dam Luxury Accomodation and Wellness Centre Shashe Dam Luxury Accomodation and Wellness Centre The site has been Sub-leased to a citizen owned company by BTO for 15 years renewable for a further 15 years. Opportunity exists to form a joint venture partnership with the allocated company. The site consists of two development zones covering a combined 15ha on the edge of Shashe Dam in Northern Botswana. Opportunity existing to form a partnership with a citizen company which has been allocated the site. Permitted developments are as follows; • Luxury Accommodation (maximum capacity 100 beds) • Wellness Centre (maximum capacity 35 guests) •Communal Pool • Staff quarters The following activities are permitted; • Lodging • Body Massages • Health & Beauty therapies • Walking USD 5M
Moshupa Dam Tourism Infrastructure Moshupa Dam Tourism Infrastructure The site has been leased to the Ipelego Community Trust which represents the Moshupa Village 60Kms north- west of Gaborone. Opportunity exists for the development of tourism and leisure facilities through Joint Venture Partnerships with the trust or sub- leasing of sites.The site is located approximately 60Km from Gaborone at Moshupa Dam within a village known as Moshupa. Proposed Developments are parmitted: i) Guesthouse ii) Outdoor Picnic and Cooking Area iii) Multi- Purpose Events Venue iv) Activity Hub and Cultural Village - Hiking Trails - Animal Park - Boating and Water based Avtivities. USD 2M
Mmakgodumo Dam Tourism Infrastructure Mmakgodumo Dam Tourism Infrastructure The site is located on the northern outskirts of Kanye Village which in turn is located 80km from the capital city Gaborone. The sites are within a 950 hectare area leased to the Bathoen II Dam Nature Sanctuary Management Trust. Opportunity exists for the development of tourism and leisure facilities through Joint Venture Partnerships with the trust or sub- leasing of sites. The site is located approximately 80Km from Gaborone at Kanye within the Bathoen II Dam Nature Sanctuary. The Sanctuary encompasses the Pharing Gorge and the Mmakgodumo Dam.The following developments are permitted: i) Activity Centre (including Paddle Boating, Canoeing, Heritage Wall, Fishing ii) Catch and Release), Swimming Pool and Children’s Playground iii) Eatery iv) Picnic Sites v) Gorge Hiking and Rock Climbing vi) Cycling Trails USD  2M
Kasane/ Kazungula Tourism Infrastructure Kasane/ Kazungula Tourism Infrastructure Residential Eco-estate and Spa Hotel, 16.2 Kasane Waterfront, Central Tourism Hub and Marina, Conference & Events Centre, 16.4 Kazungula Waterfront Tourism Leisure Hub USD  35M
Phuduhudu Cultural Village   Phuduhudu Cultural Village   The Phuduhudu Cultural Village is to be developed on a 24.8 ha piece of land in Phuduhudu a village in the Kgalagadi area of southern Botswana. The project is to be developed for the benefit of 14 settlements in the Kgalagadi and Ghanzi Districts which are categorized as Remote Area Dwellers (RAD). The project aims to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Khoe and San ethnic groups indigenous to the area. Cultural demonstrators will display daily lifestyle items such as production of crafts ostrich shell jewelry, hunting equipment and preparation of traditional foods. Visitors will also be shown traditional wedding ceremonies and traditional games. Proposed developments at the cultural village include; • Gatehouse with reception, offices and curio shop • Camping facilities with ablutions. • Cultural Performance Arena USD 1.5M

Botswana Private Sector Projects

If you are interested in any of the projects listed or need any further information, please get in touch with ITIC team.

Company Project  Brief
Eco -Tours Adventures & Campsite (Pty) Ltd Bush lodge and campsite Situated in a rural community in the Northern part of  Botswana which is rich in wildlife and boosts with existence of Makgadikgadi Salt pans ,where the research established that's where human life began 1000 years ago, a very fertile piece land strategically located adjacent to Hwange national park where the area is used as  wildlife corridor from Zimbabwe and to Botswana . All the requirements for the development of a bush lodge and campsite i.e. EIA, Soil Tests, Architectural drawings etc. it is noteworthyhave been met and  approved  by the local authorities .
Amusement theme park Amusement theme park Amusement theme park,with various attractions such as Rides, games and all event for entertainment on a Leased 1 hectare land in one of the busiest mall in Gaborone.
Mzilikazi Way Safaris Mobile safari camping Mzilikazi Way Safaris core business is mobile safari camping in all wildlife protected areas in Botswana and also doing SADC countries. A loan is required for safari vehicle, camping equipment and cash to do office logistics in order to run my business flawlessly.
Guest House in Maun Fully operational hotel in Maun Currently , operated as a guest house in Maun , Botswana,intended to be developped into a fully operational hotel in Maun, Botswana a gate way to Okavango Delta
Eatery in Maun Cultural, backpackers hotel A prime piece of land in Matlapana, along the river which is very suitable for a cultural, backpackers hotel. Kwa Ga Ncinci is a food brand with 9 years in the industry currently running an eatery in Maun and wants to expand to include a food and culural tourism on a bigger scale.
Bukakhwe Cultural Conservation Trust Upgrading components of The Low Cost Safari Insuit In Gudigwa The trust aims to upgrade certain components of the low-cost safari in suits in Gudigwa. The following areas will be covered with the funding requested from International tourism investment corporation (ITIC). • Upgrading of the sewage system (bio rock) • Putting the tents on a raised deck and the walk way construction. • Upgrading the solar power system. • Establishment of the fire breaks around the camp • National off grid electricity installation
Domestic guest house/ self catering Airbnb Domestic guest house/ self catering Airbnb south east of Botswana village Mogobane, Domestic guest house/ self catering Airbnb north west Botswana Maun, shower toilets last chance convenience tuckshop trailer park camp/ Airbnb camp Chobe national park mababe, annual follow me safari tracks guided by our partnership guide Sianga 1. Proposed Domestic guest house/ self catering Airbnb south east of Botswana village Mogobane. Dam front bird sanctuary an overland route to the Trans kalahari highway 70% complete built to geography 4 units pics attached land rights on my name unbonded. 2. Proposed Domestic guest house/ self catering Airbnb north west Botswana Maun. 2bedroom full ensuite in 1 unit plus tented ensuite 90% complete built to geography. Land rights on my name unbonded pics attached. Overlanders dream with ramps For Vehicle D.I.Y inspections and light maintenance 3. Proposed shower toilets last chance convenience tuckshop trailer park camp/ Airbnb camp Chobe national park mababe, overlanders dream fenced . Land rights on my name unbonded. 4. Prosposed annual follow me safari tracks guided by our partnership guide Sianga of the ultimate face off through our facilities into trade facilities thru the great African wilderness.
Metseyabeng Xerxes (Pty) Limited Self Catering apartments on a 2,693sqm Guest house commercial plot in a town of Mahalapye Self Catering apartments being developped on a 2,693sqm Guest house commercial plot in a town of Mahalapye along the main A1 Road between Gaborone, the Capital City and Kasane, the tourism center. The Village of Mahalapye has a high demand for accommodation due to its central location in the country.  It also has the regional Head office for Botswana Police, Prisons Services, Main Regional Hospital and a Military garrison.  It is also the central meeting place for political parties and other major entertainment events.  For this reason there is a shortage of both long and short term accommodation which i am looking to solve by erecting studio, 1 bed roomed and two bed roomed studio apartments. The serviced land is ready and looking for equity and debt capital investment of approximately BWP10million.
Three Steps (Proprietary) Limited Three Steps Mobile safari The project involves mobile tour in other surroundings in Botswana; a sprawling tourism business will be covering different places and district in Botswana being Chobe District, Okavango, North West Districts of the country Botswana. It is important to note that the town is home to Botswana where tourism is in high demand compared to the people who are offering the services of tourism. Such a town full of great potentials will see Three Steps Pty Ltd establishing a business.
Blue Waves hotel Blue Waves hotel Blue waves hotel is a startup business with land  available in Mahalapye for a lodge purposes seeks for Funding/ investor to construct the Lodge.
Mophane Creek Retreat Center Mophane Creek Retreat Center In this “post-covid” era, more and more travelers are looking for a “wellness experience”. Destinations and activities that enhance and speak to their physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. Also, generally to just escape from their normal busy and stressful lives. “Wellness Tourism” is the newest trend in the Travel Industry at the moment worldwide (especially first-class countries). It is a transformational journey that nourishes the spirit and feeds the soul. Over and above this, Travelers are looking for experiences that foster personal development and self-discovery. Wellness Tourism allows them to develop new skills, and participation in cultural and spiritual experiences that are transformational. As the demand for unique and enriching travel experiences takes an upward spiral, investing in and embracing local culture and wellness practices such as this one will set my establishment apart and create lasting memories for my guests.
Amestris(pty)Ltd Okavango Delta Cruise A company dedicated to offering Okavango Delta Cruise of choice to its consumers with safe, memorable and refreshing experience. We aim to be a continuously establishing and growing world-class Okavango Delta Cruise business in the next 5 years.
Last Eden Safaris and Tours(pty)Ltd Mobile Camping Safari based in Kasane Last Eden Safaris is a Mobile Camping Safari , based in Kasane , Botswana, run by reasoned professional guides who have spent many years of practicing in the tourism industry. Therefore, we would like to expand our business to the next level. The company has a tourism plot in Shaile / Linyanti in Chobe District. Therein, are the developments that we have self-funded on the piece of land, of size 12,500 hectares. We have  a Main area ,with a dining area , a bar area, a Borehole of 42 m deep, waterhole for the animals to drink , ablution block, a Water tank stand ,  a 5000 litre tank.  Documents in hand are as follows, Bill of Quantity from a registered Quantity Surveyor,  Proof of Title Deed, Environment  Impact Assessment Report (EIA)  Proof of ownership, Approved Architectural Drawings, Valuation Report from a Qualified Valuer, Soil Test Report and Insurance Quotations. We, therefore, looking for opportunities/investments who will be able to collaborate with our organization. Our mission to create employment to our unemployed youth ,  sustainability and improve the living standard of our communities adjust to our area of operation and ensure that our  wildlife is protected for the next generation.
Philip's farm(pty)Ltd Three Baobabs: Agritourism project in the northern part of Chobe District Three Baobabs, an agritourism project in the northern part of Chobe District in Botswana facility, that caters for the self-drive tourist and incorporating a honey production enterprise.
Lodge Lodge with a more cultural set up with traditional housing (with both modern and traditional interior)  A  2.2 hectare tourism plot in Muchenje, a village in Chobe, looking for funding to do a tented lodge, but eventually became more interested in doing a more cultural set up with traditional housing (with both modern and traditional interior). The aim is to also involve the locals to showcase their indigenous knowledge in terms of lifestyles, ancient technology, food and music and dance just to mention a few.  This being meant to preserve local culture and give tourist an understanding of the Chobe culture. It is also aimed at empowering locals to make honest livelihoods from their culture.My biggest challenge has been funding.
Exombakhian Family (PTY) LTD  Ruviya Family Gardens Cultural village We are to develop a Cultural village to provide accommodation and hospitality tourism related services in the vicinity of Okavango Eastern Panhandle (Mohembo to Gudigwa). Ruviya Family Gardens Cultural village awaits those willing to participate in an adventure that reveals the mystical cultures and traditions of the people of Botswana if not Africa, steeped in tribal folklore and ancestral traditions. Our culture is the light of our nation – whoever walks here amongst our cultures at Gunotsoga based Cultural Village can also see the light.
Chovest (Pty) Ltd Hotel Facility Chovest is a joint venture between Cullinan Holdings and Shearwater Botswana. Cullinan Holdings is the largest tourism group in Southern Africa and includes Thompsons Africa, Thompsons Holidays, Planet Africa, Springbok Atlas etc. Shearwater is one of the largest activity and safari operator in the region recently expanding into the hospitality industry with operations in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. Chovest will become the accommodation provider of choice for Cullinan Holdings and Shearwater. This joint venture is primarily focused on provision of accommodation facilities in Botswana. We are seeking funding of US$9.2 million to construct a 140 room environmentally sustainable hotel to service tourists in Botswana. More details are in the attached documents.
Kellen PTY LTD Chobe and Ngamiland Cultural Heritage Village Development of Chobe and Ngamiland Cultural Heritage Village with estimated Project Cost: P1.9 million
Chobezi Kasane Fish Farms t/a Chobezi Safaris There has been a sustained increase in passenger arrivals over the past three years for our current routes and activities with the company breaking through into the exclusive specialist group travel market. In addition, we are adding more routes/destinations for our transfers businesses to provide a one stop shop for our big agents who continue to launch excursions that start from Maune to Chobe and need transfer services. This in turn requires expansion of our fleet of transfers buses and trailers, game viewers and boats.
Reeds Island Pty Limited  Reeds Island Safaris Resort & spa. Reeds Island Pty Limited will be operating a safari lodge, spa and resort in Maun accommodation, targeting local and international market, trading as Reeds Island Safaris Resort & spa. A proposed wing of camping, car rentals for self-drives and accommodation in Deltas.
Hannahjulia Investments(pty)Ltd Carnival t/a Travel & T0urism Cultural Expo and Tuwambe Talkshow Hannahjulia Investments is a 100% youth citizen owned company that is based in the Chobe region, we have seen it fit that since this trimester season has an influx of tourists in our region, we have organised the 1st Annula Chobe Expo and now we look foward to upgrade it to a second edition namely CHOBE TOURISM CARNIVAL. We also need sponsorship with our TV show named Tuwambe “are bue” let’s talk, it talk about Allendale disorders that affect our tourism attraction community, this show also markets tourism attractions in its adverts and the talk show is hosted in our local guest houses, lodges and hotels, this show we talk about psychological effects of all those terrorized ir affected by the loss of life of thier family members due to wild animals. We intend to organise all these initiatives annually. The Chobe Tourism CARNIVAL on the other side tends to show case our pride and joy being tourism and our beloved cultures. 
Kazungula Entertainment & recreational centre Kazungula Entertainment & recreational centre The size of the plot is 15153 square metres. Kazungula even though the fastest growing village in an attractive tourism area it does not have an Entertainment and recreational centre that caters for its residents’ leisure needs. This presents a viable opportunity to construct an Entertainment & recreational centre to serve the leisure needs of the people of Kazungula and tourists at large.
OPN Group of Companies Creative Cultural Tourism Sustainable Tourism Resources, packages and activites Activities include: Cultural Tours, Monuments and Heritage Tours, Village Walks, Basket Weaving Demonstrations and lessons, Storytelling, Native Drumming sessions and drum therapy, Folklore Jazz acoustic and live band performances, traditional song and dance performances, traditional food tasting, traditional pounding, Cattlepost visit, Arts and Crafts market tours.
Ba Gochwe Camp (Pty) Ltd Ba Gochwe Camp (Resort) Ba Gochwe Camp is a new entrant into the tourism industry, the company will provide a recreational park with recreational activities. Our aim is to be the ultimate family fun destination in Toteng and Kgantshang a few minutes’ drive from the Ngamiland capital Maun. The company currently has 4 tented accommodation (sahara junior tents), solar power, ablutions, director chairs, bedding, braai stands. The company wishes to have quad biking, camel back riding, bar & event space, and sundowners which will be our unique selling point. We also wish to offer packaged tours across Botswana’s top tourist destinations to our clients in partnership with tour operators.
Bright Allure (Pty) Ltd Botanical Garden Bright Allure is a newly registered business and is also a new entrant into the tourism industry, the company currently offers catering packages, picnic packages, sundowner packages, décor packages to local tourists and residents of Maun and surrounding villages. The company currently has picnic tables, tiffany chairs, cushions, and glassware. The company wishes to expand to a Botanical Garden with flower farming, a restaurant, event garden, ablutions, curio shop and a MICE facility which will be our unique selling point as there are no ideal botanical gardens in Maun while partnering with accommodation facilities and tour operators.
Campsite and glamping safari lodge campsite and glamping safari lodge Phuka travel agency and signature boutique guesthouse director has a land worth 6hectares sitting just by the bank of a lagoon that never dries and can be easily called a hippo pool as its one of the lagoon that when its extremely dry hippos gather there. The idea came after a realization that there is an opportunity in expansion of Phuka and the guesthouse for  those clients who often want to have the Okavango delta feel but having a problem with the small aircrafts that transports them into the delta by that prefer a drive from the airport but at the same time going to a place that has lots of water. We are currently working with Archidea architects on the plans of the place. It's difficult to get funding locally at the moment as the land to be developed certificates are still with Botswana deeds departments.
Thebangy (Pty) Ltd Thebangy Hospitality College This is a proposal fr a first Hospitality College, which is a teachng Hotel with 23 rooms, in which learners will be afforded an opportunity to learn practically. The proposal include buying an existing 23 roomed hotel , construction of a teaching faculty on a 2.1 Ha extension plot. The project included construction of 200 roomed hostel for students and workers in Mahalapye, Botswana. The project will help in short term and long term training in the hospitality business for Botswana, which is big in tourism, but have issues of untrained personne, whcih Thebangy will sought to address. Its revenue streams will be the tutition, accommodation, Food and beverages to be offered in the teaching hotel.
Serowe Gate Holdings PTY LTD Eco-tourism Accommodation, events and conference facility sustainable tourism resources, packages and activities SEROWE GATE HOLDINGS was incorporated in Botswana in 2020 as per the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) requirements. The company is currently based in Serowe in the Central District. The company intends to provide tented chalets accommodation, campsite/camping ground, camping, shuttle transfers and tourism activities for the diverse tourism market segments. It also will offer Cultural Tourism activities such as heritage tours and monuments visits to Goo-Moremi and other heritage resources in the vicinity of Serowe village.
Chobe Sunset holdings Chobe Sunset Chalets Chobe Sunset Chalets is a 7 roomed boutique Chalets whith a touch of African nature ,but offers up close and personal taste. We are ideal place for therapeutic travellers who are interested in unique ND quiteness.We are closer to the local community of Lesoma where guest interested in learning African culture of rearing cattle and other African traditional lifestyles can explore effortlessly. We also have a 10.5ha farm with 75% of it covered by natural vegetation,the farm is in a perfect location where all wildlife is found throughout the year .The farm can be a perfect place for a private 5 star resort with potential for helipad and horse safari .It's a perfect place to set up a high market tourism facility in a quite environment on the boarder of Botswana and Zimbabwe .
Knock One Holdings(Pty)Ltd Botswana Annual Youth Tour Guide Competition  The event is supported by Non-Government Organization ‘Ngamiland Eco Cultural Foundation’ (NECF) which was registered with the Registrar of the High Court (Francistown, Botswana) on the 1st February 2022 and allocated the registration number TUHFT-000002-22. Ngamiland Eco Cultural Foundation is established in Maun in North West District in Botswana.The main goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness, developing and promoting programs that involves youth of Botswana in eco cultural heritage activities, eco-tourism, agriculture, music and art, culinary art and future sustainable socio economic development. It will involve stakeholder networking, and resource mobilization for participatory environmental and biodiversity conservation awareness among youth from grassroots level. The mandate of the Foundation is also geared to promote inclusive youth economic programs for transformation of knowledge based economy among the youth.
The Ranks Residence Installation of solar panel at a 10 roomed guesthouse in Molepolole A10 roomed guesthouse operated in Molepolole, some 50km from the capital city of Botswana from a previously residential property.  Installation of solar panel as a form of energy for our establishment. this could total approximately USD20,000.00 for purchase of solar panels and accessories to be used. this will really help us as we spend a lot of money close to USD400 on electricity. availability of the solar panels will come expensive initially to install but in future we will be using solar energy which is readily available and is clean. this will be the green energy we need.
Lastbait (Pty) Ltd Pungwe adventures Mobile Camping Safari and Cultural Tours
Wildsave Pty Ltd Kashete Greens Resort (Lodge & Campsite: Agro-Tourism Project) Wildsave Company (Pty) Ltd trading under the name Kashete Greens Resort (KGR) is a company incorporated and based in Botswana that seeks to establish itself as the first contemporary encounter and leading agro-ecotourism business into the Eastern Okavango Delta Panhandle (ODP); putting social responsibility and environmental conservation work at the heart of a profitable business model. KGR provides guests with spacious tents and camping grounds, an onsite restaurant that focuses on farm-to-table cuisine and a range of delta-panhandle activities such as mokoro excursions, fishing, bird watching, and nature walks. Our Core agro-ecotourism elements of the development will consist of six (6) rooms, an eco-lodge and campsite (20 camping grounds), a main building, with a restaurant, bar, deck with sweeping views, boardwalk down the steep cliff to boat stations and recreation facilities on the main channel to the river, parking and guardhouses as required. The campsite mainly targets local individuals, low and middle-income travellers who are driven by cost-effective facilities and those who are looking for exciting destinations and outdoor places of choice. Through our already-developed 0.5ha Net Shade ( climate-smart agriculture initiative), KGR aids the tourism industry value chain by producing organic vegetables. Specifically, strawberry and sweet pepper are one of the affordable niche markets, a high-value cash crop and the fastest-growing horticultural product, which is readily edible as table salad, fruit, and ingredient for baking cookies and processed as smoothies and juices at the farm level. Hence it's a good strategic product mix for this agro-tourism investment for diverse populations in tourism destinations.  The principal market for the resort is both international and local tourists. We will aggressively market the facilities and the service to attract tourists nationally, regionally, and globally.
Kala safaris Kala safaris is licensed safari tour operator business based in Maun Botswana (the Okavango delta) also licensed as a travel agent to assist with luxury travel bookings.  We are specialist in mobile camping safaris tours in and around the Okavango delta. Moremi game Reserve. Chobe National Park etc. We are currently looking to expand the business in to camping facilities to be able to offer accomodation for our guests in our own facilities
Mmamokhasi Guesthouse Mmamokhasi Guesthouse, Liquor Restauran, Boat cruises on Mmamokhasi Dam & Quad bike rides around Mmamokhasi Dam - Kanye village Kanye is one of the major villages, this area is destined to be a tourism center of attraction. We feel that the traffic that passes on the A2 and A10 would provide a good market also combined with the fact that now Kanye is a full district and fully autonomous. On this basis we seek funding to fully exploit the land to derive greater benefits and help diversity the economy of Botswana.
YMD Investments Proprietary Limited Hotel and conference centre in Lobatse The promoter has identified an opportunity for an upper 3-star hotel and conference facility in Lobatse, which arises out of gap in the market. Lobatse is primarily serviced by hotels and conference facilities in the town’s outskirts, and the development of the project will not only contribute towards the development of the town but will also provide alternatives for guests and patrons alike.
Pat Mobile Safaris Camp site in Gweta village Pat Mobile Safaris is located in Maun and it offers mobile camping services in and around Okavango Delta, National Parks and Game Reserves of Botswana. It offers  photographic trips, specialist birding departures and German speaking photographic departures and other tailor made camping safaris. Gweta village is known as the gate way to main tourism attractions ,such as makgadikgadi salt pans, huge baobab tree,markets.The village is also known as a busy area for self drive tourist. Development of a camp site on 2 hactors plot with facilities: main area (Launge) including mini bar, ablutions with shower,fire place, swimming pool and camping grounds and a mini office with store rooms.a vehicle will be needed too for daily operation including a borehole and solar plant. With all this estimations for funding this project can stand at 50 000 USD equivalent to 500 000 BWP. Our main target market will be self drive tourist,tour operators,and local community.
Sfee Holdings (PTY) Ltd Holiday resort in Selibe Phikwe Sfee Holdings PTY (Ltd) is seeking funding for the construction of a holiday resort in Selibe Phikwe, Botswana. The holiday resort will comprise of a 63 room 3 star hotel with water and theme parks as attractions. The holiday resort will be of its first kind in Botswana and we anticipate that not only the attractions will be of interest to Botswana residents, but to the rest of Southern African community.  Botswana as a landlocked country has limited water recreational activities and the water park will be an ideal facility of adventure if one is to think of water recreation. Encashment area for the resort will be local tourists, regional and international tourists. The facility will also quench the thirst for those international tourist who have love for water recreation combined with animal sight.   Funding in the amount of P140,000,000 is sought for the construction of this resort. Sfee Holdings PTY (Ltd) is ready to enter into any kind of partnership and/or agreement if funding is acquired. Expected return on investment is P8,300,000 and it is expected to grow by 3% annually.  
Mwakumwa Enterprises Agro-tourism (lodge & farming) project - a combination of rearing small game and a safari lodge Approximately 120,000 tourists visit the Okavango Delta annually. The main attractions being Moremi Game Reserve, lodges in wildlife areas and the rock-paintings of Tsodilo Hills. Tourists usually stay at permanent camps or lodges situated in those areas. As a result, the tourism industry is the second leading contributor to the economy and if more tourism enterprises are developed especially by the locals, it will significantly diversify Botswana’s economy away from the unsustainable mineral led economy. Therefore, as a way to harness from this opportunity I have decided to embark on a multi-million pula Agro-Tourism (lodge business) to be situated in between the two main attractions or World Heritage sites (Tsodilo hills and Okavango delta). Xhauga being one of unique settlements abutting Shakawe village would therefore complement to the ever increasing population and heightened demand for accommodation in the region. My philosophy is to contribute to the socio economic development of Xhauga village by creating employment to the many youthful locals who have the necessary qualifications to work in a reputable hospitality industry. The local communities are to benefit from this project as they will be directly and indirectly employed. Indirectly employed will be the many skilled basket weavers who can sell their basketry to the guests. Some will directly work on permanent basis as staff members and to be paid a salary on a monthly basis.
Cable Cars Botswana Kgale Hills cable cars, revolving restaurant, gym and sky bridge This proposal requests in its management capacity, the construction of cable cars, revolving restaurant, gym and a sky bridge along the phases and views of Kgale Hills, Gaborone dam views and views of the city Gaborone. The main function of the cable cars will be to transport people from the Ground Station(Game City) through into the attraction points of interesting views from above the Kgale view (roughly 1KM distance with 1.2KM height). In undertaking this research the Cable Cars Botswana team and Directors reviewed all the relevant municipal and district planning literature, visited a short list of proposed site, defined a market catchment for the proposed cable cars and conducted market research into the demand and supply conditions for tourism attractions in the district. The team considered the weather conditions of the proposed site and assessed the broad social, environmental and infrastructural characteristics for each alternative short-listed site. A preferred site was selected: This is the land at Kgale 9KO Roman Catholic Church Land.
Ditanka Safaris Proprietary Limited 5 campgrounds and recreational facilities Ditanka Safaris is a privately owned company that intends to diversify the tourism sector of Botswana through ecotourism which is studying, learning and appreciation of surrounding nature and culture. Ecotourism also aims to raise the awareness of the need for conservation and protection of environment, local population, and culture. Implementation of the project being set-up development and start-up capital will be financed through directors retained capital generated from different commercial undertakings and other investments. The company is based in the Okavango Delta in Ngamiland Botswana. Ditanka Safaris proposes to erect 5 campgrounds and recreational facilities; it is to provide camping and hospitality tourism related services in Moremi Game reserve and Okavango Delta including surrounding villages. Ditanka Safaris is expected to invest a start-up cost of about P500 000.00 for its initial operation. A borehole has already been dug at a cost of P75,000 to provide clean drinking  water.
516 Group Thakadiawa Resort Thakadiawa Resort is the heritage of some of Batswapong who came and settled in the Tswapong hills while some fled to the other side of Tswapong and settled in Thakadiawa where most people do not even know they are buried there, Thakadiawa is located 1Hr30minutes away from Palapye along the way to Goo-Moremi Village and another hour from the tarred road. Thakadiawa Resort is being transitioned from Thakadiawa Farm which the great leader and influencer of the Batswapong tribe saw it fit to drill a borehole for his people and help with water however he could ‘May His Soul Rest in Peace’. Thakadiawa farm has a borehole that pumps water using a diesel engine Thakadiwa borehole has pure clean water for human and livestock consumption and has the capacity to supply water to more than 3 Villages. Thakadiawa Resort once fully built will offer customers duck hunting, Wellness Facilities, Concierge, sports court, fully-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and stone fireplaces, burial sites, daily farm activities, horse racing, bike racing, swimming pools. Thakadiawa Resort also will offer a common-area outdoor hot tub as well as an on-site store and on-site front desk service. Our customers are looking for a different lodging experience that cannot be found in any of the area's condo complexes or hotels. We will offer our customers a comfortable, congenial environment that will assure return visits to the Thakadiawa Resort. Thakdiawa resort will have lawns and a big garden to host outdoor weddings, outdoor corporate meetings and entertainment events accommodating 200-500 people.
African Glide Pride Safaris (Pty) Ltd  Mobile Luxury Safari Engaged in Tourism, mostly Safaris in the Okavango Delta for the past 7 years, from several crucial roles from Procurement Officer, Food and Beverages Management, Concession Maintenance Manager, Camp Management, Guest Experience Managers, Host Manager, Technical Service Manager at several world renowned Camps and Safaris companies in Botswana such as Jao Reserve, Wilderness Safaris (Mombo Camp), Khwai Private Reserve. With all these background experiences starting a Mobile Luxury Safari. There is only one mobile safari in Maun Botswana at the moment offering top-class close to fixed camping sites experience.
Africa Kamonate Tours & Safaris and Africa Passions Travel Tsodilo Eco Lodge Tsodilo Eco Lodge aims to establish a sustainable and responsible eco-tourism venture in the breathtaking Tsodilo area of Botswana. This area is renowned for its rich biodiversity, cultural significance, and stunning landscapes. The lodge will provide eco-conscious travelers with a unique and immersive experience, allowing them to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Tsodilo while contributing to its preservation.
Horizonte Guesthouse in in Matlapana Horizonte Guesthouse in in Matlapana The proposed guesthouse is developed on a plot located in a Batawana tribal land in the North West District. The lodge is located in a very beautiful piece of land on the Northern edge of Thamalakane river.  Our target market will be vacationers and business people all over the world traveling to and through Maun.  We want to lure all these people to our business through strong advertising using the internet medium, but also advertising through “word of mouth” and newspapers. We plan to have representation at public events such as BTTE, Indaba, Namibian Expo, etc. 
Barkan Holdings (Pty) Ltd Expansion, construction of the hotel lodge, 4x4 rental vehicle fleet, and initial safaris marketing, developments and operating costs This is a purpose driven opportunity in pioneering safari tourism ideas on tribal lands that champions Botswana citizen ownership and boosts meaningful benefits to rural communities in the form of employment, training and numerous other social support possibilities. We want to work with communities to support a vision that bolsters bold conservation efforts to increase biodiversity across the region. By reducing human/wildlife conflicts, on tribal lands bordering national parks and reserves, we are more likely to get their agreement to connect Etosha National Park, Khaudum National Park, KAZA Transfrontier Park, Okavango Delta, Chobe, National Park , Victoria Falls outlying with corridors.