ITIC Global Tourism Investment Summit – INVEST, FINANCE & REBUILD

Monday, 09 November 2020

ITIC WTM 2020 Whole Conference 

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ITIC WTM 2020 Ministerial Panel 

Ministerial Panel

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

ITIC WTM London 2020 Welcome 


ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 1 

Current Economic Outlook, predictions and Recovery plan for 2021

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 2 

Shaping the future of Aviation and its projection by 2025

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 3 

Keynote Speech

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 4 

The future of Tourism in the Green Economy

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 5 

Health Dealing with COVID-19 and how do we restore travellers’ trust and confidence to rebuild business. The New Normal – Learning to live, travel, work and play despite Covid-19.

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 6 

Understanding the financial mechanisms that allow you to survive and rebuild

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 7 

One-to-One interview: Majed AlGhanim, Managing Director, Tourism Quality of Life – Ministry of Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 8 

Analysing the challenges and investment opportunities in Aviation sector

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 9 

Special Focus on the Middle East market – Investment opportunities in Sustainable Travel and Tourism sector

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 10 

Investing in Africa: Tourism an important pillar for African development.

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 11 

Looking at the Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Airports

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 12 

How investment in travel and tourism sector can drive growth and cooperation within the Commonwealth countries?

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 13 

How to attract China outbound investment and tourism during and post covid19?

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 14 

Challenges and Opportunities for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Post Covid Stage

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 15 

Investment opportunities – Presentation of Destinations and Tourism Projects in quest of investment

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 16 

Saudi Arabia, The Future of Travel and Tourism in Saudi Arabia, recovery through sustainable investment

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 17 

Tourism Resilience: This may not be the last crisis, how can you prepare to face for any future global catastrophe

ITIC WTM London 2020 Panel 18 

Tourism job retention and job growth strategy: marketing tourism as a destination for Employment

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 19 

Recovery plan for a stronger digital travel and tourism industry post Covid-19 and Beyond

ITIC WTM 2020 Panel 20 


ITIC WTM London 2020 One-to-One Interview   

One-to-one interview: Investment Opportunities in Brazil