Marcus Lee

ITSC 2019 Speaker
Marcus Lee
Chairman of Association of
SME Business owners in China

Marcus Lee, is currently Chairman of SME Business Owners Association in China. Founded as International China Investment Forum (ICIF), it is one of the first three organization to promote “China Go Abroad”. Its online portal,China Invest Abroad, introduce destinations to Chinese investors.

In 2019, through its subsidiary WELCOME CHINA, it was appointed as coordinator of “China Pacific Tourism Year” promoting 18 countries to China. As a result, brought in $4 billion of investment and 200 000 Chinese tourist into these countries. Lee was subsequently appointed Samoa Prime Minister Special Envoy to China.

Since pandemic outbreak, the organization help destination to attract Investment and continue to engage Chinese travel trade through Digital campaign and E-learning, a cost effective way to reach Chinese audience.

Marcus speaks 6 Chinese languages and is author of International bestseller “How to Outsmart China” featured in Bloomberg and CNN.

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