Jayanth Kolla

ITSC 2019 Speaker
Jayanth Kolla
Founder & Partner
Convergence Catalyst

Jayanth brings over Seventeen years of experience in Technology, Product Marketing,

Jayanth brings close to Eighteen years of experience in Technology, Product Marketing, Research and Strategy Consulting in the Telecom, Internet and Emerging Technologies (AI/ML, Blockchain & IoT) domains. He is an advisor to the world’s leading technology firms, young & fast growing startups and the investor community, and has held various roles with Telecom Carriers, Device Manufacturers and Management Consulting firms in the past.

Currently, as a Partner with Convergence Catalyst, Jayanth leverages his hands-on experience and domain expertise to advise various companies to align themselves with the ever-changing technology and market trends, and evolve as leaders in the Digital Convergence space. He mentors a number of progressive and fast growing technology startups on Product & Service Offerings, Business Planning, Go-To-Market Strategies and Fund Raising. Jayanth is also an advisor to various PE & VC firms, Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds and FIIs on private equity transactions and public equity positions.

Jayanth is an Advisory Board member of India’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based asset fund, Core team member of a global AI think tank, Advisor for a North-American AI platform company, a European Blockchain products company, Advisor for a South East Asian Travel Tech Platform company, Evangelist of Third generation Blockchains, and Founding member of “India IoT Forum”. Jayanth also holds eight patents for innovations in Advance Analytics, AI/ML, IoT and Robotics domains.

Jayanth is an oft-quoted industry leader whose viewpoints and analyst notes are regularly published in leading business publications including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg and Financial Times, keynote speaker at various industry thought-leadership conclaves, and is also an empaneled judge for Mint’s Digital Innovation Awards, 2019 and MIT’s ‘Emerging Technologies Young Innovators’ (EmTech) Awards’, 2017. He’s also a columnist on technology industry trends for Forbes, APAC CIO Outlook, Moneycontrol and Mint magazines and business publications.

Previous Companies: Analysys Mason, Nokia, Motorola Kyocera, Tata Teleservices.