MARAEY, a true Paradise on Earth!

Our misson

Legend has it that the Guarani Indians believed that in the East, where the sun rises from the Atlantic Ocean, they would find “Yvy Mara Ey” – “The Land Without Evil”, a place with endless resources where they could enjoy a state of spiritual and physical wellbeing; complete happiness.

Our mission is to make this legend come true and turn MARAEY into an example to the world of a development with an environmental conscience, striving for innovation and economic, cultural and social sustainability.

Our promise through MARAEY

MARAEY is the shared dream of many of converting a beautiful terrain located in the Municipality of Maricá, within the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro, in a global example of balance between environmental respect, society’s necessary economic development and the perfect inclusion of the environment’s diverse communities; all to turn this unique development into the Main Tourist Destination of Latin America, World Referent of Sustainable Tourism, Unique Model of Integral Hotel and Quality Training, the Most Attractive Real Estate Development of Brazil and Cluster of Innovation and Development of New Technologies.

Our Promise is to work with responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm to make the Mission of turning MARAEY into a true Paradise on Earth a reality.

MARAEY aims to become:

  • One of the top Tourist Destination of Latin América
  • Worldwide example of Sustainable Tourism
  • A unique model of Integrated and Quality Hospitality Training
  • The most stunning Real Estate Development in Brazil
  • Cluster of Innovation and New Technologies Development