Brasilia Surf and Adventure Sports Park


Brasilia Waves is a sports, leisure and entertainment venue in the heart of Brazil’s capital.

The park is anchored by a world-class wave lagoon for surfing, the first public wave lagoon for surfing in Latin America. It is complemented by a beautiful beach, beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, Brazil’s largest competition-level skate and BMX park, climbing walls, diving tank, zip line, children’s playground and supervised play area, bars, restaurants, event space, live music venue, hostel, and pool-side boutique hotel and spa.

The park has been designed to host global sporting events for all the sporting categories in the park, with built-In event infrastructure and pre-planned event overlays. It will also serve as a training centre for athletes in Olympic sports, including surfing, skating, BMX, climbing and beach volley ball.

Located 5-20 mins from anywhere in the city, the park will serve an immediate market of over 20,000 surfers in Brasilia, over 90,000 aspiring surfers, and a population of over 200,000 people who want a beach and the beach lifestyle in Brasilia. Aside from this, it will serve as unique tourist destination for sports enthusiasts from all of Brazil, given Brasilia’s tropical and dry climate, and being the largest and most connected airport hub in Brazil.