Cabo Branco Tourist Complex


The Cabo Branco Tourist Complex is a Paraiba State Government Project that allocates 35 lots of land to build the largest planned tourist complex in the Brazilian Northeast. The government of Paraíba, which has important policies designed to attract investment, provides incentives that benefit the acquisition of real estate properties, through the Locational Incentive Program and also taxes incentives for the acquisition of equipment necessary for construction.

TLocated in an area 654 hectares, in a privileged region of the capital of Paraíba, within the urban area and close to several tourist attractions, the complex will have resorts, a water park, entertainment attractions, commerce and service equipment. This eco friendly Tourist Complex is located between Paraíba’s southern coast and the Atlantic Rainforest. It is surrounded by the Parque das Trilhas, with more than 575 hectares, the park is the largest national reserve of native Atlantic Rainforest in any urban area in Brazil. Tourist police battalions and also a Parque das Trilhas conservation unit will be introduced to ensure public safety and environmental protection.

TThe nationally-recognized and awarded Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima Convention Center is already installed and operational. The facility has more than 48,000 sqm of built area and the capacity to receive 20,000 people inside of its four main buildings. A standout, the Pedra do Reino Theater, is one of the most modern theaters in Brazil and is capable of receiving up to 3,000 spectators.

TIn October 2020, the Paraíba State Government signed the contracts for the installation of the first three Cabo Branco Tourist Complex enterprises, the Surf World Park, Ocean Palace Eco Beach Resort and Amado Bio & SPA Hotel.

Surf World Park

TDesigned by the well-known Spanish architect José Ignacio Bedia Urbano, this Viavox and Ingeparks’s project will have a resort and several water attractions, such as the largest artificial wave pool in Brazil which is also one of the largest in the world. The pool will be built within 31,000 sqm and 200m diameter. It will generate 24 waves per minute with 5 different levels, up to 2.4m height, total capacity up to 170 surfers simultaneously. The Surf World Park is a luxury standard and five stars enterprise.

Ocean Palace Jampa Eco Beach Resort

TThis is the newest venture of the Potiguar group A. Gaspar and A. G. Hotéis e Turismo.The Ocean Palace Jampa Eco Beach Resort is a luxurious, five-star, all-inclusive, world-class project. The resort will have more than 43,000 sqm of built area and 405 apartments, most of which with ocean view and leisure activities, such as ecological trails and several gastronomic options. The project meets the requirements of the Cabo Branco Tourist Complex for being considered sustainable, integrating nature and using renewable energy in its facilities.

Amado Bio & Spa Hotel

TDesigned by the architects Bruno Ferraz and Augusto Magno, the Amado Bio & Spa Hotel is an investment of a João Pessoa-based company, AXYZ Administradora de Hotéis. Its facility aims to reframe standards and behaviors by integrating elements of the ocean, cliffs, and forest where the Tourist Complex is inserted. The Amado Bio & SPA Hotel will be built in an area of almost 40,000 sqm and its structure will have capacity for 240 units. More than 80 units will be built in the first six months and the remaining over the following year.

It’s our business to develop yours

TThe Cabo Branco Tourist Complex project has a total of 35 lots: 19 for the hotel sector, 5 for the entertainment sector, 10 for commerce and services, and 1 for the events sector.

The government of Paraíba has an important policy for investment attraction, and grants incentives related to the acquisition of real estate properties, through the Locational Incentive Program; as well as tax incentives for the acquisition of some of the equipment necessary for project implementations. Besides this, the Cabo Branco Tourist Complex has specific laws regarding municipal taxes (ISS), with incentives of around 60%.

Through this Tourist Complex, the State Government is working for Paraíba to stand out not only in cultural tourism, sun and beach, business and events, but also as an example in the eco tourism space.