Rob Broere

ITSC 2019 Speaker
Rob Broere VP-Industry Change

Rob Broere VP-Industry Change at Emirates Airline started his career in 1981 with KLM as programmer on the Reservation/Check-in system.

He joined Emirates in 1995 to install the newly acquired Emirates Res/DCS system and managed the system for Emirates and number of other airlines that were hosted on the system under the Mercator brand until 2013 when his focussed switched full time to the future of travel.

Since 2007 he has been representing Emirates and the middle east airlines at IATA as part of the Simplifying the Business (StB) program that focussed on the future of travel He has been one of the 2 leaders of the group throughout its existence. The StB program has set new direction for the passenger processes through projects like NDC, OneOrder and more recently OneID that set the way forward for Biometric processing.

Since the hit of Covid-19 Rob has been actively working to find a global way forward to open up borders while reducing the risk of spreading infection or having a 14 days quarantine imposed as that will adversely impact the travel business. He is working closely with IATA and WTTC taskforces on this topic