Partnerships & Tourism Investment


The development of the tourism sector in Brazil is a top-priority for the Ministry of Tourism. In that sense, the Ministry has worked in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Infrastructure to coordinate policies that directly impact the tourism sector, especially those related to credit and infrastructure.

Since 2019, Brazil has had an intensive agenda of reforms that aim at cutting red tape and improving the business environment. For example, the pension reform modernized the social security system in Brazil and the tax reform, which is under discussion in Brazil’s Congress, aims at streamlining the tax system and fostering legal certainty. All these measures comprise a robust agenda of reforms that are much needed to boost Brazilian economy in the coming years.

To advance an important agenda of public private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions for tourism development, we have worked in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, especially with the Investment Partnership Program (known in Portuguese as PPI).

Brazil is developing a unique portfolio of projects for PPPs and concessions, which includes historic sites, natural parks and public properties with touristic potential. Economic and assessment studies are underway and the PPPs and concessions will be carried out in 2021 and 2022.

The synergy and integration of these initiatives add momentum to a necessary policy shift in Brazil. We are working hard to guarantee a better environment for the industry and to create a prosperous environment for investments in tourism.

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