Muna Haddad

Muna Haddad
Founding CEO

Muna Haddad is the founding CEO of BARAKA, a social enterprise in sustainable tourism development that provides consulting services for governments, NGOs, and private sector looking to utilize tourism as an economic development tool. BARAKA operates Baraka Destinations, a cluster of community owned, locally embedded tourism experiences in secondary tourism destinations including two bed and breakfasts that offer a unique taste and experience of Jordan’s villages.

Muna has been contributing new models of community-based tourism, revitalizing secondary tourism destinations in 9 countries, engaging women in rural areas in the workforce and developing community driven micro-enterprises that are creating thousands of jobs and restoring dignity to marginalized communities. Muna is the Founding President of the Jordan Trail Association, and was instrumental in the creation of the Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan.

She sits on the board of the Global Ecotourism Network, bringing the world’s regional and national ecotourism associations, networks and destinations, together with indigenous and rural peoples, global operators, professionals and academics, to grow the industry, provide advocacy, encourage thought leadership and innovation, and add greater authenticity to ecotourism. She is the recipient of the Tourism Cares Agent of Change Award and King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein Royal Decoration of the Second Degree for excellence and recently Business Woman of the Year in Jordan.