Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities in Mauritius:

Smart Cities:

The Government of Mauritius, through the Smart City Scheme, is offering a plethora of opportunities to global investors to share in the vision of Mauritius in creating intelligent, innovative and sustainable cities of tomorrow

Residential Properties:

Blessed with sunshine all year round, as well as a coastline that is bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is ‘the place to be’. Ever since the promulgation of a more liberal property market, Mauritius has gained rising popularity with the internationally mobile community comprising HNWIs and influential business personalities.

Hotel Development:

Tourism in Mauritius is one of the fastest growing sectors with an average growth rate of more than 8% over the past years. Sites are available for the development of luxurious hotels to accomodate the growing arrivals of tourists from new and emerging markets

High class business Hotels:

The Air Corridor connecting Africa and Asia and a dominant investment in advanced technology has further cemented the country’s status as an empowered regional business and financial hub. This has propelled the existing business hotels to new heights and has opened significant scope for the growth of business tourism. Undeniably, the development of high-class business hotels is a highly lucrative area with untapped potentials.


Mauritius’ stunning natural marine assets are drawcards to attract marine tourists and to further diversify the tourism offering. The development of luxurious residential units has witnessed a large number of HNWIs acquiring yachts and super yachts for their leisure activities. Mauritius has thus tremendous potential to become a heaven for marine leisure activities.


Eco tourism and eco-friendly destinations have become catch phrases in the tourism industry. With the ambition of government to smooth out tourism seasonality, new avenues in the eco-tourism sector are being explored.

Mauritius is endowed with multifaceted attractions such as mountains, parks, valleys, rivers, sandy beaches, glorious traditions, flora and fauna. The country thus offers fantastic opportunities for eco-tourism development in terms of chalet residences, hiking, trekking, quad biking, mountaineering, bird and dolphin watching

Medical Tourism:

Competitive medical prices, a safe judiciary framework as well as support from highly skilled multilingual professionals in specialised areas and the growing demand for medical services have created opportunities for global investors to invest in this business segment. The island also offers opportunities for investors to set up facilities for recovering patients

Gaming Resorts:

Hospitality and gaming consortia suitable for both business and leisure travellers comprising state-of-the-art convention and exhibition facilities, casinos, themed attractions, entertainment & performance venues and recreational facilities. Hotels and retail have the potential to create an industry for the domestic demand and a growing number of tourists.

Amusement Parks:

Amusement parks are some of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the world. In Mauritius, there is an identified niche waiting to be filled for such attractions. With the increasing number of tourist arrivals, innovation is necessary for a constant rejuvenation of the existing tourist attractions.