Hon. Nhlanhla Nene

ITIC Speaker
Hon. Nhlanhla Nene
Chairman, Thebe Investment Corporation,
Trustee of the Management Board, Old Mutual

Superfund and Former Minister of Finance, South Africa

Mr Nene, a renowned economist, has more than 20 years’ experience as a board member and executive officer of public and private companies in a wide variety of industries with a strong track record of building and maintaining stakeholder value. His active role and contribution to a nation building agenda and serving in government positions sees him being held in high regard by captains of industry in private sector and government alike.

Mr Nene is Chairman of the Board of Thebe Investment Corporation and has contributed to some of Thebe’s most strategic decisions made during his tenure as Thebe’s resident advisor from May 2016 to February 2018. Furthermore, in 2020 he was appointed as a Non-Executive Director to the Thebe Board. In addition, he was previously instrumental in driving growth in the Food & Agriculture business unit in his role as Chairperson of Thebe’s single largest controlled investment, Empact Group.

An astute economist, Mr Nene holds a B. Com Honours degree in Economics, an advanced Diploma in Economic Policy from University of Western Cape as well as a Diploma in Marketing Management from DMS, a Certificate in Economic Policy from University of South Africa and a Certificate in Macro and Microeconomics from the University of London.

Mr Nene is Chairman of MC Mining, a Member of the Old Mutual Superfund Management Board and Chairperson of the Pan African Arise Bank. Mr Nene serves as the Non-Executive Director of the newly established SA based Grobank. Further to this he serves in a diverse number of entities as Non-Executive Director.

Mr Nene’s impressive resume showcases his passion for community development and cohesive nation building. He was active in student politics in the mid-1976 and his passion for justice culminated to him serving in parliament and eventually as Deputy Minister of Finance and ultimately Minister of Finance between 2014-2015.

Mr Nene has passion for development especially in his community and continues to play a significant role in steering community projects and being a catalyst for change in the community of Kranskop where he was born.