Darren Dunn

ITIC Speaker
Darren Dunn
President & Co-Founder
Zartico Inc.

Darren has a passion for bringing technology and tourism together creating a better destination experience for residents and visitors alike. New tools like Artificial intelligence and machine learning will create the final mile for true destination stewardship.

Prior to Zartico, he served as SVP of Destination Strategy at ADARA for 7 years, most notably conceiving and launching Impact, their highly successful destination analytics platform. Darren brings over 20 years of industry leadership experience working for FarePortal, Orbitz, and Expedia/Trip Advisor as part of Interactive Corp (IAC). The diversity of travel companies allowed him to gain valuable experience in destination, air, and hotel businesses across the globe.

Zartico is two years old and is the 3rd company Darren has co-founded.