Benjamin Clifford

ITIC Speaker
Benjamin Clifford
Founder & CTO of

A digital leader with 20+ year experience in designing technology systems for hospitality at scale. Founder, and currently Chief Technology Officer at Nevaya—leading the architecture of the company’s hospitality cloud platform; and defining its technology and innovation strategy. Nevaya is the hospitality SaaS platform for Casting, TV, WiFi & Mobile; and Cloud based technology for hotels & hospitality.

Built and created the case for cloud technology in hospitality, and continues to build solutions that require minimal capital expenditure. Pioneered, designed, developed and launched the first cloud native IPTV system for hospitality in 2009.

Responsible for a number of white label hospitality projects for large industry household names in America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Australia — from International & Regional luxury Hotels and Hotel Chains to exclusive Boutique.

A few highlights include the first ever (and currently only) cloud native Google Chromecast platform for hospitality, an entirely cloud based IPTV system for hospitality, hospitality gateways to enable previously silent systems to communicate, an HSIA product for Amazon’s kindle.

Previously, responsible for Nevaya’s own custom Linux distribution for hospitality. Enjoy solving complex problems and am happy to engage at board level all the way through to bits and bytes.