Anita Mendiratta

ITIC 2018 Advisory Board
Anita Mendiratta Founder & President CACHET Consulting

A trusted and respected strategic advisor and six-time author in Tourism & Development, London-based Anita Mendiratta is the Founder and President of CACHET CONSULTING. With over two decades of global professional working and living experience, Anita has developed an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ of societies – the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental dynamics impacting and inspiring nations facing change, making her highly sought after strategist & advisor in the areas of national growth, development, and often, recovery.

Alongside her business leadership, Anita is also honoured to hold roles including:

  • Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO
  • Strategic partner to the WORLD BANK GROUP, IATA, ATAG and the WTTC
  • Lead consultant of CNN International’s T.A.S.K. GROUP

With an international reputation as a confidante at the highest levels, Anita has become a sought after speaker, moderator, facilitator, Board member and coach for leaders and nations across the globe.