Development of an Integrated Resort at Golden Sands, Cape Maclear in Mangochi District, Malawi

Cost of Project

Estimated Project cost to be within USD 200 million

Project Details

Malawi has a varied tourism resource base which comprises of water bodies with Lake Malawi as the major tourist spot, protected areas, urban areas and cultural based tourism. Despite the country possessing world class attractions with a great potential for tourism growth, Malawi tourism assets still remain underdeveloped.

Lake Malawi National Park is a protected area established by Government with the aim of protecting fish and animals. It is the only fresh water and underwater National Park in the worlds and in 1984, UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage site because of its highest concentration of fish species than any other Lake in the world. The most famous fish is the known as Mbuna, which are brightly coloured, rock dwelling fish. The Park includes the Cape Maclear, the Nankumba Peninsula and some offshore islands.

The project comprises of the construction of 100 room up-market Lodge inclusive of Timeshare units/Villas at Golden Sands, a 150 room lavish Hotel within Chembe Village, conference facilities, sporting complex, Champion Golf course, Quay, Museum and an underground aquarium. It also includes acquisition of water sport equipment and luxury glass bottom boat as well as children playground/theme park.

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