Hon. Derek Andre Hanekom, MP

ITIC 2018 Park Lane London
Hon. Derek Andre Hanekom MP Minister of Tourism
South Africa

South Africa’s Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom, has been a Member of Parliament since 1994.

He was first appointed to the tourism portfolio in 2014, and was re-appointed in February 2018. He served as Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs in South Africa’s first democratically-elected government from 1994 to 1999 under President Nelson Mandela. Several reforms were piloted through Parliament to redress the injustices of apartheid under his leadership during this period.

He later served as Deputy Minister and thereafter Minister of Science and Technology from 2004 to 2014.

In 2016 Minister Hanekom was awarded the Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany, the highest award bestowed upon individuals for service to their nation.

He is the Chair of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, which supports the legacy of the anti-apartheid stalwart by deepening non-racialism in South Africa.

Message from Honourable Najib Balala

Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife , Kenya

The International Tourism and Investment Conference comes at a time when global tourism leaders are continuously engaged in the development of sustainable tourism and product differentiations; promotion of safe and secure travel and in the advent of technological innovation.

With a view to stimulating new ideas and defining a new vision for tourism through investments, we need to build a global alliance through strategic partnership in order to globalize travel and tourism, invest in infrastructure, product development and destination marketing.

The International Tourism and Investment Conference is the ideal platform to trigger a new thought process for the advancement of world tourism.

Honourable Najib Balala, EGH
Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, KENYA
and Vice-Chairman Advisory Board
International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC)

Message from Honourable Edmund Bartlett

Minister of Tourism Jamaica

This theme comes at a very critical time. Issues of sustainability, which have long been on the agenda of island destinations, now need our immediate attention especially as they are issues over which we have little or no control.

With climate change, island destinations must seek to diversify their product offering and reconsider urban and rural planning as sea level rises and beaches disappear. With intensifying weather systems, island destinations must be better prepared to mitigate the disruptive and destructive effects of these natural disasters.

Furthermore, as visitor arrivals continue to grow at phenomenal rates, island destinations must avoid the effects of over-tourism by devising strategies to manage tourism in a way that is economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable.

Honourable Edmund Bartlett CD, MP
Minister of Tourism Jamaica
and Keynote Speaker
International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC)

Message from Dr. Taleb Rifai

Former Secretary-General , United Nations World Tourism Organization

The International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC) 2019 takes place amidst rapidly changing geopolitical scenes. It is intended to trigger a new thought process in sustainable tourism development driven by new technological innovations such as blockchain, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Join us!

Dr. Taleb Rifai

Former Secretary-General United Nations World Tourism Organization
and Chairman Advisory Board
International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC)

Kaushik Srinivasan

ITIC 2018 Advisory Board
KAUSHIK SRINIVASAN Domain Coordinator for eGovernment UN Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business Co-founder & Senior Vice President

Kaushik Srinivasan is the co-founder and Senior Vice President at eMudhra, a leading global digital Identity and Transaction management company with headquarters in India. At eMudhra, he is responsible for corporate strategy and new initiatives such as Digital ID’s, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence where drives development of proprietary innovations used for trade facilitation. Kaushik is also a Domain Coordinator for eGovernment at the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business where he actively works on standards and processes for projects such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, cross border digital transaction recognition.

Kaushik is a serial entrepreneur having earlier founded an ecommerce venture which focussed on the party supplies industry with a large footprint in India. Prior to this, Kaushik has worked with Hedge Funds and Financial services companies in New York in both risk and technology leadership roles.

Kaushik is a CFA Charterholder and is a member of the Indian Association of Investment professionals. He is also a travel enthusiast having travelled to more than 105 countries.

Capt. David R. Savy

ITIC 2018 Advisory Board
Capt. David R. Savy Chairman Veiling

In June this year I had the privilege to address the International Aviation Transport Association at the AGM in Sydney . This is the most important and significant meeting of airline and aviation industry leaders. This was in my capacity as an experienced airline CEO and IATF Council member.

In relation to the International Tourism & Investment Conference what may be of interest is my industry experience as a Board Director of one of the largest hotel groups in the Indian Ocean (Beachcomber Group based in Mauritius for 8 years), Seychelles Tourist Board Member for 20 years and Air Seychelles CEO for 14 years. Till date I am the Chairman of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority ( since 2011) and advisor to the Government of Seychelles on Air Transport Policy.

I have also worked on a number of national committees pertaining to liberalization of air access, sustainable tourism development and initiatives to attract FDI in bolstering Seychelles tourism carrying capacity. Tourism earnings is by far the largest economic driver and GDP contributor to the economy. Seychelles takes top spot in tourism earnings per capita globally. Destination branding and destination positioning is something Seychelles has excelled in and an exercise I have been closely associated with.

I am a strong advocate of liberalising air access as it is a proven recipe in growing tourism receipts, yield and investment, ultimately creating more wealth for the country and its citizens.

Mauritius, Maldives and the Seychelles (SIDS) are examples when it comes to tourism investment, image and positioning. There is a common thread we can share to the world.